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Sustainable Fabric

We are dedicated to the field of slow fashion, utilizing materials such as organic cotton, responsible wool, Tencel, modal, recycled polyester, and recycled nylon – choices that are more environmentally friendly. Often, people perceive the dyeing and textile industry as highly polluting, but we are innovatively challenging these perceptions. Our goal is to transform textiles into a sustainable industry.


Knitted Fabric

DJIC originated in the realm of knitted textiles, where we have diligently thrived for 35 years without pause. We engage in every aspect of the production process, from developing knitted fabrics to weaving, dyeing, and finishing. Our expertise extends from high-performance eco-friendly fabrics to everyday wear. Our primary focus in knitted fabrics encompasses urban outdoor, yoga, underwear, streetwear, and more…

Bonded Fabric

Bonded/Lamination fabric is a forte of DJIC and an area we are dedicated to researching. We offer 2-layer, 2.5-layer, and 3-layer laminated fabrics, with eco-friendly and recycled options for our membranes. DJIC excels in combining knitted , woven, or both fabrics to achieve the perfect tactile experience.

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Outdoor Fabric

DJIC has devoted considerable research to outdoor fabrics. The water repellents we use are fluorine-free, and we employ various technologies in our outdoor products. DJIC excels in finding more sustainable fabric solutions for our customers. Our primary outdoor products utilize 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly yarns.

Workwear Fabric

DJIC has been actively involved in researching and producing fabrics for workwear companies in Taiwan. We have consistently aimed to extend our technologies beyond Taiwan. Enthusiastically experimenting with various materials, we produce a range of fabrics, from basic polyester abrasion-resistant workwear fabrics to those meeting international standards for high-visibility colors, as well as cut-resistant and fire-resistant fabrics. DJIC hopes to promote the unique workwear fabrics developed in Taiwan to a wider audience.

RTW Fabric

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Fashion is at the core of DJIC's origins. Our founder, with years of experience in the women's fashion sector before entering the textile industry, has provided us with a deep understanding of the requirements of fashion clients. We concurrently produce fabrics for various international first-tier boutique brands and renowned fashion labels, solidifying our undeniable expertise in the realm of fashion fabrics. In recent years, we have also been committed to developing fabrics that seamlessly blend aesthetics, texture, and environmental friendliness, positioning ourselves as a catalyst in advancing sustainability efforts for brands.

Garment Manufacturing

DJIC has on-site designers who can offer clients end-to-end solutions from fabric to finished garments. We are committed to resolving all production-related challenges for our customers. Our strengths lie in environmentally friendly fabrics, and our production processes avoid the exploitation issues that are often overlooked. We also provide flexible ordering options, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of clients, whether it's a small or large quantity order.

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