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Our Factory

Our factory is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and operates as an integrated facility with equipment for weaving, dyeing, and finishing. DJIC holds certifications such as GRS, RWS, OEKO TEX standard, among others, signifying our commitment to environmental protection. Our owner has dedicated decades to the field of dyeing and finishing, which is a source of pride for DJIC.

Eco-friendly Manufacturing Process

We are dedicated to improving the environmental impact of the dyeing process. The water discharged from our factory has been tested and is even suitable for crop cultivation, devoid of any odors or colors. DJIC has also introduced eco-friendly dyeing technologies, overcoming color fastness issues with plant-based dyes. By integrating traditional methods with new technologies, DJIC ensures that every step aligns with international environmental standards, making the textile industry a coexisting force with nature.

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