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Bonded / Lamination Fabric

Bonded/Lamination fabric is a forte of DJIC and an area we are dedicated to researching. We offer 2-layer, 2.5-layer, and 3-layer laminated fabrics, with eco-friendly and recycled options for our membranes. DJIC excels in combining knitted , woven, or both fabrics to achieve the perfect tactile experience.

Coating Fabric & Material

Our coating materials can be customized according to customer requirements, ranging from regular film coatings to environmentally friendly nylon films, all tailored to meet customer needs.


Waterproof or Breathable

DJIC can provide laminated fabrics with waterproof or breathable features. Based on customer needs, we can also create fabrics with one side waterproof and the other side wicking, offering excellent breathability.

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