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Workwear Fabric

DJIC has been actively involved in researching and producing fabrics for workwear companies in Taiwan. We have consistently aimed to extend our technologies beyond Taiwan. Enthusiastically experimenting with various materials, we produce a range of fabrics, from basic polyester abrasion-resistant workwear fabrics to those meeting international standards for high-visibility colors, as well as cut-resistant and fire-resistant fabrics. DJIC hopes to promote the unique workwear fabrics developed in Taiwan to a wider audience.

Fire Resistance

Fire-resistant fabrics have been a field of expertise for DJIC for two decades, with a stable and longstanding supply. We utilize two fire-resistant materials, F. arcylic and OXIDE, to create fabrics. Our current product range includes clothing and fire-resistant blankets. Products in the OXIDE category can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius for five minutes. We can also customize material compositions based on customer requirements.


Durable Fabric

Our flagship product is abrasion-resistant fabric made from polyester, applied in various workwear fields, offering excellent durability and wearing experience. DJIC takes pride in its abrasion-resistant fabric, a preferred material for workwear, and we can tailor it to meet specific customer requirements.

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