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Knitted Fabric

DJIC originated in the realm of knitted textiles, where we have diligently thrived for 35 years without pause. We engage in every aspect of the production process, from developing knitted fabrics to weaving, dyeing, and finishing. Our expertise extends from high-performance eco-friendly fabrics to everyday wear. Our primary focus in knitted fabrics encompasses urban outdoor, yoga, underwear, streetwear, and more…


Yoga products have always been a strength for us. Our yoga fabrics are recognized by many international brands and incorporate features such as moisture-wicking, cooling, and antibacterial properties. We are currently collaborating with partners to develop a variety of environmentally friendly fabrics based on Nylon.


The fabrics commonly used for yoga, activewear, and outerwear in our products.

Urban Outdoor


Golf apparel was the initial venture into garment production for DJIC, and it has been a consistently stable fabric product for us. We have incorporated various features to enhance the wearing experience and ensure comfort. Currently, we are also utilizing biodegradable polyester, ocean recycled polyester, and recycled polyester in fabric production.

Breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics commonly used in our golf apparel series.


Streetwear has become a popular choice for many customers in recent years, influenced by California style and athflow trends. We offer fabrics with excellent textures such as cotton, modal, and Tencel. Additionally, we provide many eco-friendly fabric options for brands. We can meet customers' preferences for both comfort and structure, offering the most suitable fabrics for their needs.


A highly versatile fabric used in various applications, including innerwear.



In the realm of innerwear, DJIC offers exceptionally comfortable fabrics, providing customers with the best choices. Our polyester, nylon, and modal series are highly popular for innerwear, and we ensure that all innerwear fabrics contribute to the utmost comfort for the wearer. We are actively collaborating with brand partners to develop more eco-friendly options for innerwear fabrics.

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