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An innovative, environmentally friendly, and professional fabric manufacturer.

About Us

DJIC is headquartered in Taipei and was established in 1990. We began our journey in the realm of women's fashion and have since expanded our expertise to fashion, functional workwear, as well as sportswear. Maintaining stable collaborations with major manufacturers worldwide, we are dedicated to continuous research and innovation, always at the forefront of development.


Quality and environmental consciousness are priorities for DJIC. As a satellite factory of LENZING, we actively contribute to the research and development of novel fabrics. With years of dedicated work in the field of eco-friendly materials, we have never ceased our pursuit of progress.


Our factory, located in Taiwan, serves as our primary shipping location, with an annual production capacity close to ten million meters. The factory undergoes inspections by major brands, and we strictly adhere to Taiwan's environmental regulations. As an integrated facility, we handle everything from weaving to dyeing. DJIC's deep expertise in textile technology is a result of our dedicated production and research base.

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To meet our customer demands, we continuously expand our service offerings and production locations. We collaborate with garment factories in Vietnam and Cambodia, and have invested in textile factories in China and Vietnam. Our quality control standards mirror those of our Taiwan facility, with experienced master craftsmen providing on-site guidance. We are committed to adjusting shipment locations based on customer needs and working closely with you on pricing, quantities, and materials.


We are committed to stringent quality control, ensuring that we meet customer requirements completely within the specified delivery period. Through continuous efforts in our factory, our quality has steadily improved, earning us a strong reputation. Additionally, if customer requests we could collaborate with third-party independent inspection agencies to conduct quality checks, ensuring that our products meet high standards.

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